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BiteBlocker® Xtreme Sportsman Pump Spray
Xtreme Sportsman
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BiteBlocker® Xtreme Sportsman Pump Spray

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Waterproof • Sweatproof • Repels up to 8 Hours • DEET Free

BiteBlocker®’s proven effective Insect Repellent now in a highly effective waterproof formulation tough enough for extreme environments and safe for the entire family. This Xtreme botanical formula provides protection from bites for up to 8 hours against mosquitoes, black flies, and more than 2 hours for ticks. 

You can use this on your skin and on your clothing.

BiteBlocker® repels mosquitoes that may carry WEST NILE VIRUS for 4.5 hours and repels ticks that may transmit LYME DISEASE, ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER and other tick-borne diseases for 2 hours.

Tick repellent clothing spray. Use BiteBlocker®  on your clothing, hats, shoes, and other outdoor gear to repel ticks. The only plant-based, effective clothing tick repellent available. 

Active Ingredients: Soybean Oil (3%), Geranium Oil (6%), & Castor Oil (8%) Inert Ingredients (83% total): Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Lecithin, Wintergreen Oil, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate & Sodium Benzoate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel Camm
Wonderful product

I have been going to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands since 2006. The “no-see-um” bites the first few years were almost intolerable. When OFF didn’t work, I tried many different home remedies. It wasn’t until I found this product that my problem was solved. Since it is made of natural oils, I spray it on and rub it in every morning. Then I reapply it in the evening after showering when we go out to eat. I rarely get any bites. I see people around me with 50 bites on their legs, trying OFF, with no success. I tell everyone I can about this product.

Judy Judy
BiteBlocker® Xtreme Sportsman Pump Spray-BEST REPELLANT AND NON TOXIC

I have used this for years. waterproof and sweatproof. no deet so non toxic. Even when camping I am never bitten and normally mosquitoes will eat me alive! I spray it on my skin. nice mild smell.
It is only flower essence and super safe.
There is West Nile Virus in the Los Angeles area where I live so before hiking or going out in the summer I always apply this so the mosquitoes who carry the virus don't bite me.
I have skin sensitivities to topical products and I never get an allergic reaction with this.
I would never use a deet product as if applied to the skin it will soak into your body and it is highly toxic.

Paige M.
Works Great!

I use this insect repellent spray on my clothing when I work in my garden everyday. Nice to know that it's safe for me and has simple ingredients!