Are TickWarriors products non-GMO and organic? 

TickWarriors uses non-GMO and organic ingredients. Our manufacturer is an environmentally responsible company that produces these products to offer an alternative to toxic conventional products. This manufacturer has a long history of supplying effective non-toxic products. Site visits to the facility in Pittsboro, NC can be arranged on request.

How do TickWarriors sprays affect beneficial soil organisms? 

TickWarriors products do not penetrate the soil and thus are not expected to kill beneficial soil insects such as earthworms, beetles, nematodes, or microorganisms. The products include a vegetable-based formula that stay on the surface of the area to which it is applied. Additionally,  the ingredients are biodegradable and do not absorb or persist in the soil. They break down into organic matter as a fertilizer and subsequently become a food source. As a result, the byproducts are beneficial to the ecosystem and the pollinator habitat.

I see the active ingredient in TickWarriors sprays is sodium laurel sulfate. Is that harmful to human health and the environment?

Several myths have been perpetuated on the internet regarding sodium laurel sulfate, which is a soap. A 2015 article from the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Insights Human and Environmental Toxicity of Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS): Evidence for Safe Use in Household Cleaners clears up a lot of misinformation. An excerpt from the conclusion:

SLS is considered a sustainable material because of its 100% biobased content, biodegradability, and low potential to bioaccumulation. Toxicological data support that SLS is safe for use in cleaning products when formulated to minimize its irritancy potential. It is concluded that the use of SLS in cleaning product formulations does not introduce unnecessary risk to consumers or the environment because of the presence of the ingredient, and, if properly formulated and qualified, does not pose danger to human health and safety. “

What EPA certifications and state registrations do your products have?

TickWarriors products contain only food-grade ingredients (e.g. sodium laurel sulfate, coconut oil, citric acid) that are considered “minimum risk” by the EPA and thus exempt from the requirements of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (40 CFR 152.25(f)). The products are registered in each state in which they are sold.

How do TickWarriors products affect bees? 

We consider our formulas to be “Better for the Bees” because they do not contain the toxic chemical compounds found in conventional products. They are not systemic and will not be carried by bees back to their hive, as is the case with many conventional insecticides. Because the ingredients act as a desiccant and do not persist, bees that land where the spray has been applied should be fine.

Ingredients in the TickWarriors Yard Spray and Pest Control are approved for use on agricultural crops by the EPA. They are readily biodegradable and benign to the environment. Bees have coexisted with these ingredients for thousands of years, unlike synthetic compounds which are new to them. Studies on individual ingredients used in TickWarriors products are well established and they are approved for food use. Information on the components and how they break down is readily available online, demonstrating safe, biodegradable, nontoxic activity.