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Safeguarding Health and Nature

Dr. Jennifer Platt's Journey from Environmental Expert to Tick-Borne Disease Advocate

With decades of experience, Dr. Jennifer Platt, a seasoned expert in public health and environmental program development, has not only pioneered nationally acclaimed education programs but has also emerged as a leading voice on how environmental issues affect human health. 


Dr. Jennifer Platt

Dr. Platt's passion for environmental issues and her dedication to enhancing human health have been the driving forces behind her illustrious career. Armed with a doctorate in public health from the University of North Carolina, Dr. Platt faced a personal health challenge in 2011 when she contracted Ehrlichiosis, later confirmed to include Lyme Disease and Babesia. Undeterred by this setback, she channeled her experience into positive action, laying the foundation for initiatives that would make a lasting impact.


A Green Solution to a Growing Problem

In 2016, Dr. Platt founded TickWarriors LLC, a groundbreaking venture in the U.S.,  committed to providing eco-friendly tick protection for individuals, pets, and properties.

The company's mission is clear: to provide safe, effective options to protect  people, pets, property, and livestock from the potentially devastating effects of tick-borne diseases. What sets TickWarriors apart from other pest control products is its focus on ingredients that are safe for the environment. These products are not only effective but also deemed safer for bees, aligning with the mission to protect biodiversity.

Products and Services

TickWarriors caters to residential, commercial, and wholesale customers across the United States, offering a range of tick control products and monitoring services. From meticulously crafted repellents to comprehensive solutions, the company's offerings are designed to create a safer environment for everyone. 

Advocacy for a Tick-Borne Disease-Free Future

Driven by the vision of a day when tick-borne illnesses no longer pose a public health hazard, Dr. Platt is at the forefront of advocacy efforts. Alongside her co-founder Beth Carrison and their sister organization TBC United, Dr. Platt actively contributes to research, education, and advocacy initiatives. Their goal is to raise public awareness about ticks and the diseases they cause, ultimately improving overall public health and well-being.