Our Story


Jennifer Platt, DrPH
CEO and Founder, TickWarriors; Cofounder, TBC United

Dr. Jennifer Platt has decades of experience in public health and environmental program development. She has led the creation of nationally recognized, award-winning education programs and has spoken extensively to audiences of all sizes. 

Jennifer has always had an interest in environmental issues and improving human health. She has spent her career using systems-thinking approaches to solve complex health and environmental problems. While working on her doctorate in public health from the University of North Carolina in 2011, Dr. Platt contracted Ehrlichiosis. She was later confirmed to also have Lyme Disease and Babesia.

Dr. Platt’s personal experience with tick-borne illness led her to create TickWarriors in 2016, which provides eco-friendly tick protection for people, pets, and property. The pervasive need for education and awareness led Dr. Platt to also co-found TBC United in 2018 with Beth Carrison. 


TickWarriors was created to help protect people, pets, property, and livestock from the potentially devastating effects of tick-borne diseases.

TickWarriors’ tick and insect repellents are made from all-natural ingredients so they are safe for people, animals, and the environment. They’re even considered safer for bees. However, our products are effective and lethal against ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests.

TickWarriors offers tick control products and services to residential, commercial, and wholesale customers in the United States.


We envision the day when tick-borne illnesses no longer constitute a public health hazard because public awareness and action effectively mitigate tick populations. Until that time, we are tireless advocates for protection.

TickWarriors, and our sister organization TBC United, contribute research, education, and advocacy in an effort to increase public awareness about ticks and improve public health and well-being.

TickWarriors CEO and Founder, Dr. Jennifer Platt, is a frequent public speaker and media authority regarding tick-borne illnesses.