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EcoBlend™ Weed Killer 16oz Trigger Spray - Tick Warriors

EcoBlend™ Weed Killer 16oz Trigger Spray

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Kills Poison Ivy and Weeds & Grass Naturally
Heavy-duty, natural herbicide for use on ground and vegetation to destroy unwanted weeds, vegetation, and poisonous plants like poison ivy. It is a natural alternative to chemical-based herbicides that is safe for use around humans and animals. It is a patented highly effective and quick kill formula made from fatty acids of plant oils. Breaks down plant mass into beneficial ground nutrients.

For external use only. Won’t harm clothing, wood, or most plastics. Based on weather conditions or extreme vegetation infestation re-application may be necessary.

Active Ingredients: Soybean Oil (20%), Citric Acid (4%), Lauric Acid (4%) Inert Ingredients (72% Total): Purified Water, Coconut Oil, & Sodium Benzoate.