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TickSlick 10oz Concentrate - Makes Two 64oz bottles

TickSlick 10oz Concentrate - Makes Two 64oz bottles

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10 oz TickSlick Concentrate 

Makes Two  32-ounce spray bottles

Our professionally formulated Oil-Free coat conditioner applies easily and safely to horses and dogs making their coats literally “Too slick for ticks”.

Our Lavender Orange scented conditioner is a natural deterrent. Just spray on and ticks cannot hang on!

Simply apply to a clean animal companion anywhere that may come into contact with grasses, weeds, or shrubs. Pay special attention to legs and tails.

A single application will last up to a week or longer unless going through water or mud. In which case, just clean and re-apply!

TickSlick Concentrate may be pre-mixed and stored in a closed container, then shaken and poured into a bottle with a sprayer.

*You will need to add exactly 27 ounces of purified water to spray bottle, as we don’t want you to pay for shipping the water*