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Resources for Tick-Borne Conditions: Online Communities

Living with a tick-borne illness can be an isolating journey, and but there are many digital havens where individuals find solace, understanding, and shared experiences.

Forums: A Haven for Connection

Online forums like those hosted by the Lyme Disease Association provide a space for individuals to share their struggles, triumphs, and insights. These virtual communities cultivate a sense of belonging, allowing individuals to glean advice, exchange coping strategies, and find strength in the shared challenges of tick-borne diseases.

Social Media Platforms: Amplifying Voices

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become powerful tools for building communities around tick-borne diseases. Advocacy groups and individuals alike use these platforms to amplify awareness, share educational content, and foster connections. Following hashtags like #TickTalk, #LymeWarrior, #AlphaGal, and #TickBorneConditions can open a window into the diverse experiences of those affected.

A few influencers you may want to check out include: 

SweetCarolyme - Caroline has Lyme Disease and documents her health journey on her Instagram channel. 



Heal With Liz - Liz is living life with Lyme and takes a pretty nontraditional approach to therapy. 



Read more to learn about healthcare communities working to provide support and solutions to those suffering from tick-borne conditions.

*TickWarriors does not condone or endorse any specific course of nontraditional treatments.