Over the past few months I’ve developed a morbid fascination with ticks. I even did something I said I’d never do again – I bought a textbook: Ticks -Biology, Disease, and Control. To better understand how to effectively manage ticks we must understand their makeup and why their populations have exploded out of control. The problem of their out-of-control numbers is compounded by the fact that ticks have developed resistance to a lot of acaricides.

The ingredients we use at TickWarriors are natural, food-grade, and safe for humans and pets. However, they are not safe for ticks. Our TickWarriors yard spray and pest control for natural areas contain a patented combination that includes vegetable fatty acids. The spray kills ticks within twenty minutes and also provides a lasting residual that repels them over 3-4 weeks. Unlike other products on the market we have scientific evidence that our formulas WORK.

Ticks are fearsome freeloaders – they latch on their prey for a bloodsucking meal. Stay tuned to learn more about ticks and ways to target these dreaded denizens of our environment.