Ticked Off By the High Costs of Tick-borne Illness?

TickWarriors offers property treatment within the Chatham county, NC region and consultant services for customers in any location.


Treatment Services

To target the different tick lifecycle stages (egg, larvae, nymphs, adults), we recommend quarterly treatments. Other pests such as mosquitoes require different schedules. Call us at 844-TICK-WAR (842-5927) or check back here soon for more details about our pricing.



TickWarriors Consulting is a group of experts with our own stories of experience with tick-borne illness. As a result we’ve realized a desire and opportunity to help others, and would like to share our expertise.

We have a genuine desire to reduce both the health and financial impacts caused when people get sick from ticks. Misdiagnoses and too-frequent lack of understanding by health professionals can cause both patients and health systems to incur significant costs. A single visit to the emergency room for a patient having an anaphylactic reaction due to alpha-gal can cost over $10,000. In addition, the hidden costs of stress, lost work time and other consequences are substantial and long-reaching.

  • Individuals: Use our expertise to save yourself time and leverage the combined decades of experience we offer. We can make recommendations to reduce health-related impacts of tick-borne illnesses such as alpha gal.
  • Health systems: Use our expertise to evaluate potential cost savings achieved by targeting tick-prone areas to reduce impacts of tick-borne illness. We can work with healthcare providers and others to educate and provide the latest research on tick-borne illness and impacts.
  • Speaking engagements: We also offer presentations to organizations to educate about preventing and reducing the impacts of tick-borne illness.

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